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Height: 6 feet; Weight: 175 pounds; Hair and Eyes: Brown




Quantum Poetics Phillipus Stolen Chair
Rat Bastards Captain, Musician Dixon Place
Theater Is Dead & So Are You Harvey Havermeier Stolen Chair
The Accidental Patriot Benjamin Jarvis Stolen Chair
My Funny Valentine The Maestro The Vertical Company
Grown Ups Jake Roundtable Ensemble
Hamlet Gravedigger La MaMa, ETC.
Drive Craig Manhattan Theater Source
Stress Test Doctor Vital Theatre Co.
The King Stag Tartaglia The LITE Co.
Post Code Projectionist Here: American Living Room
Midsummer Night's Dream Demetrius The LITE Co.
Master of Prayer Nathan Metropolitan Playhouse
Camp Holocaust Rudolph Present Company
Winter's Tale Polixenes NY Int'l Fringe Fest.
The Cherry Orchard Epihodov Gorilla Repertory Theater
Romeo and Juliet Tybalt Lab for Int'l Theatre Exchange
Ubu Roi Pere Ubu Expanded Arts
Taming of the Shrew Biondello Gorilla Repertory Theater
Grimm Tales Father, Narrator Synapse Productions



Romeo and Juliet Friar Laurence, Benvolio Electric Theater Co (PA)
Silent Follies David Teatro Boni (Orvietto, Italy)
Poor of Scranton (Boucicault) Badger Northeast Theatre (PA)
Fathom Fabian SaBooge Co. (Montreal)
Operation Opera Marquis de Bearnaise-Moutarde Northeast Theatre (PA)
The Kourageous Kiplingers Kip Kiplinger Edinburgh Int'l Fringe Festival
The Jubilee (Chekhov) Hirin Russian Classics Fest (Moscow)
The Proposal (Chekhov) Chubukov Russian Classics Fest (Moscow)
Translations Lt. Yolland Hall Little Theater (OH)
Eva Luna Huberto, Mimi, Puppeteer Wooden Tongues TC (London)
Orbit Lt. Col. "Cosmo" Jackstrop Catapult Theatre (Brighton, UK)
The Box Epithemius Temple Playwrights' Center (PA)



Love You Back Doug (lead) Julio Barros
Travel Channel Promo Delivery Guy (lead) 21 Boom
Aural Fixation Dan (lead) Proactive Productions
podOpera: Brooklyn Tyler (lead) ScenePartners Cinema
The 24/7 Prana (lead) Televerse Productions
Flustered Feathers Julian (lead) Alternabrit Productions
Death and Sandwich Making Matthew (lead) NYFA Thesis Film
Seven Years Michael (lead) NYFA Thesis Film




Oberlin College, Ohio. BA in Theatre.

National Shakespeare Conservatory (NYC)

Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq (Paris)

Ecole Phillipe Gaulier (London)


Other Training:
Shakespeare: Mario Siletti (NSC), Peter Needham (RSC)
Commedia Dell'Arte and Mask: Angelo Grotti, Antonio Fava, Richard Crawford
Clown: Philippe Gaulier, Christopher Bayes, Kenny Raskin
Scene Study: James Tripp, Jane Armitage Voice: Ken Schatz
Dance: Vic Dimonda
On-Camera: John Mabry (Esper Studios), Jonathan Strauss




Puppetry;Good with Accents and Dialects;Some French;Valid driverís license.

Musical Instruments: Ukulele, Guitar, Bass guitar, Mandolin, Musical Saw, Harmonica, Tin-whistle.